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Children are at the peak of their development curve during the early years of their childhood. This is the phase where they require the most attention and care to bloom into well-rounded individuals before the journey of formal education commences. And, this is exactly what worries new parents, especially, those juggling a career along with parenthood. This is when we come into the equation as the best day care school in Gurgaon to give your child the care and learning experience they need for the optimum development of their physique, cognition, emotions, and social skills. And, this is how we achieve the goal of being the best play school and daycare in Gurgaon.


Day Care Timing                     9:30 AM to 7:00 PM

  • Explorer

    Age- 9-24 months

  • Discoverers

    Age- 24-36 months

  • Creators

    Age- 36 - 48 months

  •  bird
  • Creators Plus

    Age- 48+ months

  • Day Care

    Age- 1.5 to 12 years


Best Toddler Program for Your Child to

Explore Their World | INDIANA



The wonderful day care school memories begin in our classrooms.the nursery curriculum provides a right array of activities to help children move towards achieving their early learning goals.


Small Group Time

Depending on the psychology that differs in every student at Indiana Montessori pre school, we conduct age appropriate activity based learning.


Large Group Time

IMPS is a Montessori education based pre-nursery school that has been set up with a drive to change the way early years of a child are dealt with.


Outdoor Play

Our facility is blessed with enough space, so your child can indulge in outdoor play every day. Playing outdoors, which seems to have become a myth in our urban jungles, is essential for the development of muscles, motor coordination, strong bones, as well as social skills. This has what set our baby day care In Gurgaon apart from the rest.

Clean and Safe Facility

We are not only blessed with spacious classrooms in our child day care school in Gurgaon,but they are also well-ventilated and have perfect temperature control installed within.Thus, your child stays cool, calm and happy even under the wrath of the burning sun during the summertime. We take special care to clean and disinfect every inch of our facility with meticulous precision as we know the little ones are the most susceptible to the germ parade. We have also taken special care and recommendations from experts seriously to build a space which can be a safe haven for your blooming baby.

Wholesome Meal Plans

Getting enough exercise, both physically and mentally, is only half the battle to enhance the development of your little one. The other half lies in nutrition. We understand that it could be a struggle for parents to get a wholesome meal packed in the morning for their child to munch on for lunch. And, resorting to the packed snacks laced with preservative, artificial colours, fragrances and what not is an absolute sin. So, we have devised a very wholesome nutrition plan by consulting a team of nutritionists to give your growing child the food that is not only yummy but also super fresh and healthy.

A Perfect Curriculum

We have bid adieu to the traditional tedious ways of teaching that made school a phobia for the tiny tots. We have kept up with time and adopted a scientific approach to making your younger one learn things in a way that appeals to him or her.



Qualified And Caring Teachers

All our teachers are very qualified and have been trained well to handle all kinds of children effectively. Teachers have a lasting impact on the tender minds, so it is imperative that you find theones that will take care of your child like you do or even better. Our caregivers are experts at creating a strong, loving bond with children.Theywould not feel any separation anxiety when you are away attending meeting after meetings or whipping a storm in the kitchen.

Keep An Eye On Your Child

We understand that as new parent, one does not want to give up on any of the special moments of their child. But you do not have to give up on your career to do that in this age of technology. We have CCTV cameras installed in every corner of our facility, so you can have a peek at what your child is doing from your phone even between meetings.

Stay Informed at all times

Thanks to the incredible app developed by sharp minds, you can keep track of your child’s homework, growth rate, attendance, syllabus and a lot more just with a few touches on your smartphone. It does not just end there. We believe that the key to playing our role as a school lies in taking your opinions into serious account. So, we have made sure that the app helps you give your opinion and feedback so that we can build a better tomorrow for the little ones.

We offer a welcoming, inspiring and safe environment to children. Let your kids explore their world with our specially designed best day care programs.


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